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Appropriate words for jewelry saleswoman
2007-11-29 11:37:14

 There are some greeting words used in daily reception, such as:

⑴ uring first reception to a customer, you may say “Welcome”, “Hello”, “Please” or “Good morning. welcome”.

⑵When replying a customer’s greeting, you shall say “Hello, need you my help?” while immediately going toward the customer.

⑶ When in busyness, you may say “Excuse me a moment.”

⑷ When the customer is in hesitation, you shall lead the customer with a soft, kind tone using words like “This type is very suited for you.”

⑸When enouncing a customer who has no intention to buy, you may say “I’m sorry. We do not have the type you like.” or “I hope the next opportunity to serve you”

⑹ When a customer is decided to buy, you shall smile and say “Ok. I will immediately give you the formalities.”

⑺During taking complaints from customers, you shall say “I’m sorry. I will immediately ask the manager and give you a satisfying answer as soon as possible. Please sit a while.” or “Thanks for your valuable advice.”

⑻When making good-bye to a customer, you shall be kind and natural, saying “Thank you, welcome again” or “Please take it carefully.”


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