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Franchisee chain is one of the most simple, the success rate highest in the world the mode of operation of unregistered firms, and others use the forces they have gained initial success, is undoubtedly the best way. In recent years, more and more franchising business entrepreneurs attention. According to an official of Japan's authoritative survey, 80% of Japan's retail independent. And, the first year close down, and can sustain it to the fifth year, only 8 per cent and the chain joined the end of the first year of business, only 10%, 90% of the chain can survive to the fifth year, to join the shop chain management system success rate as high as 90 percent and above, such a high success rate, so that people become entrepreneurs joined the best choice for business investment, chain business has become the world's best business model, and the 21st century will be dominated by chains.
Luoeni the franchise following security system, and let you worry about entrepreneurship!

Brand support: International fashion brand, no business experience makes it easier to investors. And, given the opportunities!

Investment Support: reunification of the business philosophy, unified management, unified price, and unified image of a unified support system to ensure that the franchise "opening a successful one."

Regional protection: Headquarters will be in the franchise around within the scope of opening a second store or a franchise, the franchisee to protect market yields.

Support: Company adhere to market-oriented, customer demand for the goals to lead the trend and maintain the leading products in the market are in a leading position.

Marketing support: Product props, image advertising, VIP card, the DM-publicity, X exhibition planes, coupons, etc. (provided at cost), and provide seasonal theme promotional programme of activities.

Price support: the National Headquarters of the franchisee will be bought at the lowest price, franchisee protection of the profits of absolute superiority in space.

Advertising support: the National large fashion media, trade publications, the comprehensive and three-dimensional network advertising, timely and consumers zero distance contacts, face-to-face exchanges, brand effect and create a good franchisee interaction.

Logistics support: all of the electronic information business management software platform for the franchisee to provide more timely and thoughtful distribution services.

Support network: the network company promptly informed of developments, understanding Headquarters product information, visit all products, convenience goods orders.
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