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  Popular elements of France, as the city of world fashion, have reached every area around the world. The unique charm is fully showed in France’s romantic feelings and Paris’s fashionable trend, which leads the international fashion’s new trend. The meet of rapidly growing economy and artistic passion gives birth to many clothing, jewelry and perfume brands well-known in the world, among which, LOANA is one of the most famous fashionable jewelry brands.


    LOANA, a fashionable brand from France, was designed with an innovative idea and highlights such characteristics as concision and smoothness. It has a profound, romantic meaning. It not only pays attention to the introduction of fashionable culture, but also to the introduction of essence of orient traditional culture.


    The brand LOANA, who positions its product in middle, top grade, is aimed at fashionable female consumers between 18 to 38 years old. Since the amount of this consumer group is sustaining growing at a rapidly speed, they have become the biggest consumer group of the popular decoration. In sum, women standing in the LOANA’ world are women with fashionable taste integrated with characteristics as elegance, vogue, perspicacity, oomph and naturalness.

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