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Li Bingbing appears glittering with jewelry worths ten million yuan
2007-11-28 16:00:58


       Li Bingbing as a global spokesman wearing jewelry worthy of 10 million Yuan   
     Recently, a global luxury company held a News conference in Shanghai. During the conference, the company declared that Li Bingbing has been its spokesman for Asian market. What’s more, stars famous around the world Zhou Runfa and Li Lianjie came from Hongkong to Shanghai to support Li Bingbing.
     In past three months, Li Bingbing reached a new high in her undertaking that even international stars Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li can’t match her.
  Beamish Li Bingbing, dressed with black short canonicals, spared no effort in this activity. The top jewelry she wore was very shiny and attracted many people’s attraction. This set of jewelry was specially carried from Italy for Li Bingbing. The jewelry, together with silvery dangler, wrist watch and diamond finger ring, was worthy of over 100 million Yuan. Miss Li Bingbing will be surely worthy of the name as “Queen of Diamond”.

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