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The laurel for champion of 2007 Chinese Miss values over 1 million yuan
2007-11-28 14:29:49

                               The champion: Zeng Guang of 20 years old from Xi’an City

      “The Handing-over Ceremony of Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant “was grandly held by Phoenix TV Station recently. During the ceremony, the laurel of the competition was unveiled and 12 beauties who entered the finial in 2007 tried it respectively.

According to introduction, the laurel is made with the incrustation skill as “visible stone with invisible gold”, which is a very difficult skill. It spent four months to produce this laurel embedded with 1166 diamonds and silvery decorations. The laurel is worthy of over 1 million Yuan.

    The Champion of the 2007 Miss Chinese Pageant can fully show her graceful bearing and display the theme of the competition as “Angel · Love· Beauty” through the laurel, which was made with an innovative creation idea and exquisite skill.


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