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Four misunderstandings for new franchise stores
2007-11-23 16:10:45
Misunderstandings one: what kind of people can do

Many people believe that a franchise Members of the investor education, IQ main requirement that any person who is suitable. In actual fact, opening additional shops to investors UNITA character, ability, enthusiasm is a requirement. For example, the need for the intellectual type character, and certain interpersonal skills and marketing capabilities. Therefore, before joining the best first ask themselves several questions: whether the entrepreneurial enthusiasm, ability and Headquarters, whether there is sufficient awareness of joining. Need to know: short is not worth the passion, only lasting passion to make money!

Mistakes 2: What industry can vote

Unlimited market, limited operation. Although the industry has joined the project, but different industries have different market characteristics, such as mode of operation. Entrepreneurs in brand market appeal has been joined under the guidance can如鱼得水. At present, China's economy has developed rapidly forward, and the people's living standard has been greatly improved. With the standard of living and improved quality of life, consumers have not only focus on the enjoyment of mankind, but also reflected in the personal tastes and wearing a dress consumption increased human consumption has become a fashion in the mainstream consumer market, in the past-the old concepts of life gradually be abandoned, and enjoy entertainment to enjoy life more contemporary lifestyles popular trend. Jewelry is the first jewelry collection, Now, in the fashion of one, the consumer market has become the new darling of women.

Misunderstanding 3: low barriers to entry

Although it is a franchise venture shortcut, but it is not that threshold has not: First, there must be a certain amount of funds the costs of the franchisees strict inspection, including management capacity, entrepreneurship, credit evaluation. The apparel industry who have a higher threshold, and because of seasonal clothing too much inventory without joining with real money Act. Monopoly on the market are also plans can be non-profit, because, like the threshold of 2 yuan shop without much technical and easy to join the project, with its investment success rate of almost zero, and even the trap of suspects.

Mistakes 4: compensation packages do not make the sale

Hsu-franchising, who joined the concessionaire to inherit mature business model, the enjoyment of centralized procurement, and concentrate propaganda, professional guidance, and other services, and even receive bank's headquarters or financial assistance, which will undoubtedly help improve the success rate of entrepreneurship. In fact, just joined the market in the initial stage, the situation of All kinds of people visit there, therefore, be rational entrepreneur treated at the same time, a certain sense of risk and psychological endurance.
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