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Vision analysis of jewelry industry
2007-11-23 15:22:52

 According to a survey on China’s female decorations market by an authoritative organization, the possession rate per capita of China’s female decorations market has yet not reach 5%, compared with Japan of 98.2%, Thailand of 54%, Hongkong of 54%, Singapore of 48%, and Malaysia of 47%. Experts expect the share of the Franchise Chain in China’s female decorations market will be higher than 64% by 2010. By that time, China will have a total population of 1.4 billion and 600 million females, and a total of more than 60 million decorations are needed based on the calculation method that every ten persons has one decoration. In addition, female decorations are used in various parts belonging to a woman from head to food, and changed along with the change of season and clothing. In general, one woman has several dozens of decorations, but a fashionable woman will possess more. Compared with present market share, the expected potential market is rather large. And, the operation style as Franchise Chain is an important way to develop this market.

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