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sister stones – ruby and sapphire?
2007-11-23 14:26:55
Ruby and sapphire color is the United States and transparent corundum, its chemical constituents are aluminum oxide, a colorless when pure quality, containing traces of pigments and ion was different colours, such as chromium-containing red - ruby, containing titanium and iron are blue - Sapphire. Red Sapphire are transparent to translucent glass luster, color microscope in the clear multicolor, hardness 9, accounting for 4; Beikezhuang fracture, no cleavage in the UV irradiation, a ruby obvious red fluorescence; sapphire produced in Sri Lanka in addition to individual species and Kashmir, not a fluorescent. Ruby output of the world's major countries are Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand, the main outputs sapphire countries are Australia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and China. Sapphire used in red ring of women corsage, Earring Stick, necklaces and other high-end jewelry.


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