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Usage of all kinds of crystal
2007-11-23 14:26:27
Zishuijing: Development of intelligence, emotional stability, enhance intuition of help thinking, focus on study, and increase memory capacity, enhance relationships, gives courage and strength. Representative noble unchangeable love, and often as a couple of Dingqing stone. Zishuijing in Western countries also represents "the guardian of love stone" and can give couples, deep love between husband and wife, chastity, honesty and courage. 

   Mr Crystal: in a sense, strengthen personal self-confidence, enrichment, the main partial Caiyun, who often bring unexpected windfall is a wealth of crystal. Mood gentle emotional help, the people step-by-step practice. Strengthen the liver and gastrointestinal digestive organs, particularly governance Weihan. 

   The grain: with a strong energy, momentum can be strengthened and brought people actively exuberant ambition, drive, courage and strengthen a person's confidence and decisive force, gives people courage, can be helpful projection of the energy authority, help leaders ordered the implementation and enforcement. Move the money, and partial Choi; can Qubing gas, and the skeletal and nervous system helped. 

   Powder: to promote the development of heart round of emotional developed gems, can help the pursuit of love, grasping love, love to enjoy the precious stones. Help improve relationships, enhance doubt that Italy and enrollment edge, open business services best weapon. Can help inner-depth and found self-improvement savvy.

   Chajing: to promote the development of renewable capacity to wound healing faster, enhance immunity, cell activation and restoration of lost youth,effect. Services will be able to help control and analysis capabilities, help enhance the taste. In particular, absorbing Zhuoqi, evil best. Strengthen Harbour round, male sexual function significantly enhance the effect on women, the blood may also mediate the effect of women's diseases to strengthen the function. 

   Olivine: help relieve tension, it is warm, but also can sleep peacefully, more harmonious with the outside world. They accumulated wealth to green energy. When the shield can be evil spirits and prevent evil, and the improvement of liver disease to be useful. 

   Garnet: people have an irresistible charm, and bring about happiness and eternal love, increase self-confidence and combat depression, enhance vitality, vigor and stamina, useful related to the reproductive system and the health of organs to promote regeneration and blood circulation, Custody frequency beautyeffect. Can improve skin illnesses and prevent deterioration of the wound. Increase people's thinking, inspiration, evil Huasha as violations of body without outside stone.

   Agate: is the jewel of one of the most effect (eg: the digestive system, stomach), can balance the positive and negative energy, the elimination of tension and pressure. Maintain the physical and spiritual harmony, and enhance love, loyalty, courage and promote prosperity, happiness and longevity, effectiveness of security and peace. If King can play the power of the incident easy reach an agreement on a Shing Lee, evil They accumulated wealth and the role of Lucky. To inspire courage, confidence and courageous people gemstones; work can be consistent, life can adhere to the principle can also enhance physical vitality, suitable for frail and sick, or just people who wear recovered.

   Malachite: to relax tension in the nerves, balance and to protect travelers peace can enrichment, but also to negotiate sales, business, lucky stones. Main round jets, quality landscaping to eliminate the mouth of disputes, to attract love, it will also help to forgive the mistakes of others.

   Green gems: Lord heart round, a symbol of wealth, elimination of the eye, liver aspects of fatigue, with a rich, rich and beautiful fortunate energy.

   Topaz: bring vitality and optimism were very progressive heart can prevent fires and accidents. Love can attract close to cure Weihan and dyspepsia gastrointestinal problems, and can also assist in weight loss. Strengthen analytical and reasoning abilities, and increase the intelligence and sensitivity and responsiveness.
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