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Knowledge of pure silver and silver jewelry
2007-11-23 14:20:14
Silver Properties
Silver and gold, is a long history of the precious metals, has been 4000 years of history. Because the fine silver unique characteristics, it has been entrusted to it double the value of the currency and decoration, the pound and China before liberation by the silver dollar, that is mainly silver silver and copper alloy.
Silver-white, glossy soft bright, ethnic minorities, Buddhist and Muslims were favorite decorations. Silver jewelry is presented to the people of all nationalities throughout the country newborn baby gift of choice. Recently, in Europe and the United States under the influence of old ideas, wearing easily oxidized silver inlay darken the light blue turquoise jewelry, bring on the ancient civilizations of Xiasai infinitely bright. In China, silver jewelry has gradually become a modern women love fashion choice.

Silver nature
Silver (Silver), the symbol for the element of Ag. From the natural silver and other minerals extracted silver a silver-white and precious metals. 2.7 hardness, density 10.53 grams / cubic centimeter, has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and scalability. More for the electronics industry, medical and photographic sectors of the main purposes is used in the production of jewellery, utensils and religious Token.

How to identify silver jewelry
K-gold silver jewelry is indispensable to a combination of metal, but mainly as silver jewelry, mainly high-grade "silver standard" A. Silver hardness of 2.7, in order to improve its hardness and access to the best effect forming in the need to do so in the silver jewelry to add 7.5% copper. This containing 92.5% silver, 7.5% copper alloy, called on the international standard silver. In the United Kingdom, also known as sterling silver (Sterling). In addition, there silver content of 99% of the Zuyin jewelry.
Identification of silver jewelry. Mainly in the following points.
1) mark. Silver jewelry should generally be branded the English abbreviation for silver ( "S" or "Sterling") mark. Standard Bank's imprint is S925. Zuyin mark is S990. However, there are many countries in the silver jewelry is not printing in mind.
2) color. Silver jewelry sustained microstrip the silvery yellow, with soft metallic luster.

3) OK heavy. Silver density is 10.53 g / cm 3. Than platinum, gold small, hand feel OK without falling. Steel traces can be drawn, can be bent. This method can be used and the main platinum, K platinum or silver imitation jewellery differentiated from Deutsche Bank.
4) acid test. Silver Anyone acid will change color, and even dissolved. If silver jewelry drops on the inside of a drop of concentrated hydrochloric acid, and will immediately generate white moss-like silver chloride precipitation. Other precious metals does not have this phenomenon.
5) phonology. Standard silver jewelry sounds boring after landing, bouncing, rolling.

925 Silver Jewelry
925 Silver is done on the international silver jewelry international standards silver. It is different from silver and 9.999, 9.999 silver because of the purity is relatively high, very soft to cause complex and diverse jewelry, and 925 silver can be done. 925 silver containing silver jewelry is not 100%, it is because it is silver added 7.5% of the alloy, silver luster, brightness and hardness are improved. Since 1851 his mother launch of the first set of silver-containing 925 per 1,000 silver jewelry, 925 silver epidemic began, we now have in the market of silverware to the identification of 925 as the standard for silver. 925 polished silver jewellery after showing a very beautiful metallic luster, but also have a certain hardness can be inlaid stones, which are in the high-end jewelry. 925 silver design with built silverware Europe and the United States have style, thick, bold, avant-garde, cutting-edge is in fashion, but also beautiful, meticulous type, for the public taste. To demonstrate the 925 silver jewelry are all hand-made, then the use of advanced technology and design, through artificial system board Note La ------ ----- ----- bailiffs die mould -- ----- --- insets polishing these procedures, each product has embodied an architect of the efforts and sweat, making products look very intelligent.
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