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Why can the franchise chain obtain the best success rate?
2008-3-28 10:17:25

1. Simplified operation
Namely the authorization of brand and teaching of Know-how; It is necessary that the operational skill of the store shall be simplified, so that investors without any operational skill can turn from a laity into dab in a short term.

2. of popular consumption product

       Products shall be sold in a popular style as long as the total amount of store is within a certain scale. The amount of store shall reach economic scale, since store marketing differs from product marketing.

3. universalized adequate business area

              It is significant to select a good position in store business.    

4. Charm of the brand

           It is necessary to develop the charm of the brand. It is the brand that is required to be built for the chain system. Only by founding a famous brand can the leaguers and headquarters achieve “win-win”. This is the charm of the brand of Franchise Chain. 

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