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King of emerald is worthy one million dollars. Luxury emerald show takes place in Japan
2007-11-28 16:25:14


In a recent emerald jewellery organised by the Japan Cultural Festival, the amazing appearance of the Feitsui total value of nearly 100 million dollars, the emerald-so-called Japan the largest scale in history, the highest grade to the jewellery exhibition, a 1 million US dollars worth of jade bracelets, moreJapan of emerald Wang.

56 security in the protection of a pure called Shou Shu dazzling green jade bracelets out. In some dim natural light, this bracelet is temperate and moist Johnson Green, green to drop provisions. "Jade is not required for the best decorative lighting exposure, because natural light, it still shows Chaorenyideng kind of goods." International Jewellery person in charge of Union.

Shou Shu use this Laokang upper Myanmar jade and weighs 50.87 grams, designed for the "three circle and one," that is cylindrical, with a round, Central Circle, quintana covered Need Brilliant Green, generous and elegant style, moral "Yuanyuanmanman, longevity well-being."

Apart from the king of this jade, pearls and marbles Cultural Festival to display a lot of Need emerald jewelry: 438 million jade rings, 360 million grape emerald brooch, 138 million such as the Feitsui Strap. The exhibition is open free to all, security is very strict. According to reports, the hall has been installed nearly 100 camera, to ensure that these price Feitsui million without oversight. At the current Feitsui Cultural Festival will be held走秀quality emerald, jade free testing, the Feitsui prices quiz, the Feitsui Appreciation collection, jade auction and other activities.
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