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The precious necklace of French Queen is auctioned for six million yuan
2007-11-28 16:15:19
France Queen Maliantuowanate natural pearl, diamond and ruby necklace made of silverware will be on December 12 in the Christie's auction in the auction, valuation 350000 -40 10,000 pounds.
France queen models display precious necklace valuation 400,000 pounds (about 6 million yuan)

Maliantuowanate Austrian emperor Franz Schausberger; I, is the daughter of 14-year-old to enter the Palace of Versailles, France, 19-year-old King Louis XVI of France to become the queen. The Fenghua Juedai women spend excessive - she, France Queen Maliantuowanate create more of the legendary life of its precious value of the jewellery.
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