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People’s Bank of China issues 2008 China Gold-Silver Commemorative Coins
2007-11-28 16:06:58


People's Bank of China on October 23, 2007 issued the 2008 China Wuzi (rat), the commemorative gold and silver coins, which contain a variety of specifications, in addition to the traditional circular gold and silver coins, also includes the contour with Chinese style gold and silver coins , such as the fan, etc., and the plum blossom-shaped.

2008 Rat plum blossom-shaped gold and silver coins contain 1 / 2 ounces character qualities of one ounce of gold coins and silver coins of one, the biggest issue of 8000 sets are refined coins; 2008 fan-shaped gold and silver coins Rat contains 1 / 2 oz gold coin and a character the qualities of an ounce silver coin, the largest circulation of 6,600 sets of coins are Pu.

     China started to issue from the 1981 Lunar New Year precious metal coins, after 12 years of development, in 1993 Guiyou (chickens), the plum blossom-shaped issued the first set of commemorative coins, and gold and silver coins fan until 2000 Dragon (Dragon), the first time issued . Lunar New Year calendar year contoured both gold and silver coins issued scarce, they simply could not meet the needs of many collections lovers, and the plum blossom, fan-shaped form, such as very aesthetic, collecting double significance, also profiled Although gold and silver coins and the Lunar New Year round the Year the issuance of the coin has a long history, but the issue that triggered a contoured signs of panic buying gold and silver coins craze. Since the issue has been profiled year of gold and silver coins very optimistic about the prospects for appreciation, such as the 2007 Year of the Pig profiled in the market value of gold and silver coins in less than a year's time to over 6,000 yuan, an increase of over 30%.
Profiled Lunar New Year gold and silver coins not only inherited the Lunar New Year currency has been the style and characteristics, but also to further promote the development of the Lunar New Year coins; it is the continuation of Lunar New Year gold and silver coins, gold and silver coins is the second year of life. The Lunar New Year currency is an eternal theme, the collection investors can not miss one of the collections, their influence is no trivial matter.
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