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Stylish watch shows your character and charm
2008-3-28 10:20:17

With the development of society, in mobile phones, such as the increasingly popular GUIDEC Today, it is not limited to the time clocks, tools. Thus, modern addition to the practicality of stress watches, the greater contributory fashion novel. Therefore, the designers of decorative watches in the brains, with a view to Roujin various elements of fashion design highly imaginative style to please consumers.

Recently, a trade in an interview with this reporter pointed out that at present, watches consumer market showing a multi-level consumer demand, 20-35-year-old woman needs is stylish, durable, accurate, affordable and fashionable; students to Table Shukan Shincho, personality, mainly cheap. According to the shop staff Luoeni Hefei, concise generous, fashion personality watch is the focus of this epidemic. The clerk said, a word of models beyond the more consumers will be sought after. Some higher-income people have more than one table, two, they watch more and more similar to the attitude of the jewellery-loving woman with a symbol of individuality can watch, it is absolutely necessary. Fashion watches these good quality, aesthetically pleasing, and a vogue. Women now watch the new attraction lies in its "ever-changing" design elements, with the continuous development of the trend, decorative watches have been higher than the practicality. Gouxuan as modeling, to show individual grade watches, will be favored by consumers.
Attractive current market chic, has Duchuxincai watches have become another Lianglifengjingxian attract the eye. Practical and aesthetic, and clothing random mix and match. Even more interesting is the table bracelets, necklaces, etc. all kinds of "accessories" that come form of a watch, and indeed for women with different clothing, temperament, and even mood provide more flexible options for loss Feel free to show between 10,000 kinds of customs.
Beautiful watches Miss Lau favorite decorations, she told reporters that her beautiful watches on the attractiveness of high, although she only has a more varied styles of watches, and would like to buy a watch, that she watches both practical and it is a decorative fashion, and with clothing, hyperchromic for clothing. In order to buy the watches preference to their own beautiful points, and sometimes she spent more energy expense.
Journalists learned that at present women watch sales or Tingzhi, buy watches like buying clothes, buy the same pair of shoes, as is seasonal, apparel and even set the mood and accessories, is the embodiment of personal style and taste Decorations. Many consumers said that the salaried class, and the price in about 200-600 yuan brand Table acceptable. Dozens of yuan to over 100 yuan table decoration is sought after by the group of students.

"Wanshang of Sentiments" - watches, are being more and more fashionable to enjoy.

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