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Questions and answers about investment


 How to order products of “LOANA” for foreign customers?



Answer: foreign customers may place orders via website or coming to our company in Shenzhen, China.


How to order goods after becoming a leaguer of “LOANA Silvery Decoration”?



      Answer: customers may conveniently, quickly select products through our company’s official website, which will save their time and journey cost. Or customers may come to our company, where they may select goods directly they like.   


Is there an encouragement policy designed for customers who reached the annual sale requirement?



       Answer: Yes. Customers may receive encouragement of profit return as long as the total amount of goods they purchased in one year reaches the specified quantity. 


Can goods not easy to sale be exchanged for other goods?



       Answer: Yes. To ensure leaguers’ benefit, those goods not easy to sale can be exchanged for other goods.


How if products are destroyed during transportation?



       Answer: customers shall check up products immediately after receiving them. Destroyed products may be exchanged if it is of quality problem.


Can I join “LOANA Silvery Decoration” if I have on experience and learn little about silvery decorations?



       Answer: yes. The company will provide you with all-round training and instruction, from which you may learn every step of store operation.


What training and instruction may I receive after I join “LOANA Silvery Decoration”?




       Answer: the company will offer free training and instruction for leaguers. Including:

training on the management of the store and on the employment of staff;

training on marketing skill and staff’s service skill;

training on knowledge about jewelry products and on display skill;

training on the management of goods and after service;

training on fundamental financial knowledge investors who run store business shall know. 

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