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Jewelry has become the third focus of consumption
2007-11-28 13:50:05

     The jewelry industry has become the third biggest consumption hot spot

     According to introduction by relevant person of the National Bureau of Statistics of China, the sell amount of jewelry in China has been increased at an annual rate of 10% in recent years; China has been one of the nations whose consumption amount of jewelry exceed 10 billion Dollars; The jewelry industry in China has become the third biggest consumption hot spot following housing and car industries.

    China has become a big production and consumption country in jewelry industry. The development speed is quicker than any other industry. The jewelry has turn from luxurious product to necessary. Fashionable silvery decorations have been necessaries for urban young people to show their styles. The consumption of silvery decorations has gradually become a popular trend and received more and more attention from various industries of the society.


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