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Report on silver jewelry market in China
2007-11-28 9:44:06
Overview market
Silver jewelry which has been in recent years, the increase in sales volume. After opening up the market silver, silver and silverware consumer products as a new hot spot, with silver surged, and in 2004 reached 500 tons, the market potential is huge. At the same time silver jewelry market in China increased momentum faster than in previous years. This rapid growth in China in recent years and the economic and upgrading the living standards of the people. From "the first half of 2006 jewelry market operations status reports. <Franchising>" a chapter can be seen: "franchise chain changed the past 10 yuan shop style, gradually came to 100 - 800 yuan in premium quality silver jewelry shop . "Relatively speaking, cheap silver jewelry to be acceptable to most people. The plasticity of their silverware at the same time strong, diverse changes shape, so popular is a necessity. Thus more diversified. Moreover, in recent years the requirements of the people of the ornaments is getting higher and higher. 

The type of silverware
Industry standards require 990 silver, 925 silver, 800 silver can be used in silver jewelry. But very soft 990 silver, 800 silver silver with less, the lack of collection value, and therefore are not suitable for use as jewelry. Now that the international standards are generally silver, 925 silver. 925 silver jewelry is content 92.5% of the silver added 7.5% alloy, by adding alloy is to allow the silver luster, brightness and hardness are improved. Since 1851 his mother launch of the first set of silver-containing 92.5% of the silver jewelry, 925 silver epidemic began, we now have international identification as to whether the 925 silver standard. 925 polished silver jewellery after showing a very beautiful metallic luster, but also have a certain hardness can be inlaid stones, which are in the high-end jewelry. In addition, there are color silver, Thai silver varieties.

Silverware to the consumer under the age of 35 young fashion for major consumer group object, such as college students, just to participate in the work of the beauty of women, white-collar fashion, and so on, because silverware priced cheap, relatively easy consumption, the younger owners can bear this price. And the young owners often spending habits is the silverware as a one-time consumer goods, the pursuit of individuality and fresh fashion. At the same time, compared to other silver jewelry comparatively safe. Other alloy body will cause harm to some extent, in particular such as earrings or even direct contact with the skin penetrating the skin accessories, the human impact is substantial. Silver attributes as relatively stable, it is not easy with the material in the air or the secretions from the skin reaction and therefore will not harm the body. Also the unique characteristics of silverware is relatively simple, many models, different styles, wear suitable for everyone. Silverware in the region of consumption, the big cities, medium-sized cities, small cities and the county, town, etc., are booming consumption, silver jewelry as a synonym for female fashion.

Silver jewelry recognized brand Beattie Vatican Nigeria, Louis, Luoeni such. Beattie Vatican-ni was founded in September 1837, in 1851, Nigeria launched Beattie Vatican specially designed silverware, attracting widespread attention. Since then, its first to use 925 silver, which later became the American silver products standards. Louis has been recognized as the pioneer of pop…… their products relatively more expensive, to the ordinary consumers only Wangxiangxingtan. Luoeni brand affordable, especially with the spending power of Chinese consumers, from the French Luoeni company based in the Pearl of the Orient - Hong Kong, China. Luoeni Main 925 silver jewelry, crystal undertaking, Choi Pui, jade, agate, zircon and other silver jewelry inlaid series, as well as fashion watches, sunglasses. At present the country is to brand the chain operates form.

Silver jewelry status of the current focus
If small jewelry is already mature, silver jewelry has just started, whether production or sales, but a "day" advantage. Silver jewelry current domestic consumption boom wave upon wave, especially from the second half of 2007 the domestic market began booming and silver ornaments, compared to other more general acceptance.
Summing up the above, we can see that with gold, platinum and gold than silver jewelry styles, fashion-related, and low cost, cheaper prices, the public has become the preferred fashion accessories, be it consumer consumption frequency or speed quickly, has been close to fast moving consumer goods. On the one hand, as thousands of Fashion changes, silver ornaments chase fashion, advocating individuality modeling to become indispensable accessories. On the other hand, younger breed of the limited capacity of consumption, the low prices of silver jewelry, often for the new regular. It is understood, silver jewelry in the United States and Europe mature growth of the consumer market soon, China large population, rapid economic development in recent years, I believe China will become a silver jewelry market hot spots of consumption.
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