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Angel’s eye – charm of zircon
2007-11-23 14:23:29
Zircon (CZ) from the day she was born, starting with its unique charm, color color Colorful, attracting the pursuit of countless people. Now as people constantly enrich the material life, more and more people are concerned about, especially Modern women, natural beauty complex, and she. into 10 million because she brought to the people is beautiful, charm, elegance and noble. 

1 zircon (CZ) - Cubic Zirconia. Name: Cubic Zirconia (ZrO2), is the most beautiful man-made gems. And the nature of the ramp for zircon is equal to the composition, it is also known as the "zircon." CZ drilled in 1975 by Soviet scientists successfully developed, and because of the nature of her character is very close to natural diamonds, it is still commonly used in the production of diamonds in the best substitutes.

     2 zircon (CZ) In addition to having only red, the hardness of sapphire, more natural diamonds have no birefringence and high dispersion degrees. CZ drilling because of the birefringence in any lighting or even natural sunlight has a King Kong-kwong. She because of the high dispersion, so that when the CZ drilling in a magnificent wear a fire (or fire color), more dazzling than diamonds. 

3 zircon (CZ), a variety of colors, with the exception of the top white, and blue, black, red, purple, yellow, green and other colors. No time to shine, the beat of bright color, so that each gem like Fanjian the Angel eyes, bright and pure. So in recent years by Western-favored jewelry designer, have created for her beautiful life. Tell you a little secret, in the West appears, wearing a red zircon can be hypnotic effect, it can drive away pestilence, and defeat evil. Zircon with turquoise together as a "December birth of Stone", symbol of success and victory.

4 Zircon (CZ), also known as the "Zircon," Japan as "hyacinth," English name "spinel" belongs to the Quartet crystal. Mainly produced in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, China Wenchang in Hainan also produced. Guangxi, China is the world's largest production and processing bases. The world's most famous blue zircon-208 karats, are collected in the New York Museum of Natural History. With relevant agencies determine the zircon crystal stronger than the magnetic field effects. 

     5 zircon (CZ) - hyacinth (Japan title) function

They accumulated wealth can be, it is thinking more clearly, the alert force. Cause and career, education and business have to help. Able to physically bring new vitality, contribute to the pursuit of spiritual development. Can help you remove illusions, the timely removal of the negative energy in the air. Gives us a positive and progressive forces, help you to the road to success.

6 various color zircon function
A red zircon: promoting blood circulation, energetic people, innocent and lively, full of vigor and vitality, and enhance appetite. Gives a warm, lively, symbolizing good luck, and love. To Aries, Leo and striker Block, and the devil crab Block, Taurus.
B yellow zircon: to give a bright, brilliant, rich, light, the symbol of purity. Make people noble, wise, luxuriously authority. If the ancient emperors and religious sites are mainly to yellow color. Choi Mong people make career Mastery, a distinguished career. Aries, Libra, the lion Block should always wear.
C blue zircon: to give quiet, soft, cool, can slow down the heart rate, lower blood pressure and the baby in bilirubin and ease respiratory ailments. Light blue contribute to fever patients, people quiet, eliminate brain fatigue and restore systemic effort. Lung and large bowel disorder of a very good therapeutic effect. Shuangshi Block, Libra, Aquarius, Shuangyuzuo, who often wear Gemini, will be in a new era in the hunt, no longer afraid of the values of blatant self-performance, but also will be more satisfied with their own.
D green zircon: moral life, hope, symbol of peace, naturally, gives the feeling of fresh, can regulate the nervous system, active thinking, eliminate tension, heart rate, help restore health, help to alleviate depressed, irritable mood, the prevention of mental depression have a certain role, people with a strong sense of vitality. To Cancer, Scorpio, Shuangyuzuo, Aquarius, striker Block.
E white zircon: clear, Su-Ya. People with bright, pleasant, elegant, chastity feeling. Is a symbol of bright people with holy love. People feel safe and conducive calmly cultivation, calm irritable mood, contribute to heart disease, hypertension patients recovery. Virgo, Cancer should always wear.
    F purple zircon: people with noble, superior, elegant. Chang Dai people will be long and noble love. Bright purple symbolizes a lover's eyes, and gives a sweet, warm, romantic; to develop intelligence, the more clever minds, ideas become clearer. It is reported that the Russian researchers to some schools of white light bulbs replaced by purple light bulbs, for the development of intellectual students. Block devil crab, Scorpio people should always wear.
G pink zircon: pure, elegant, quiet, beautiful people recollection of the past, help prevent anger, heart rate and restore calm. Means "Rouqingshishui" course, "is Jiaqi Like a Dream." Often people will love wearing sweet, romantic, warm. Libra, Virgo, Gemini and Aries people should always wear.

H black zircon: Zircon black people quiet, ponder, insisted. People in a serious, solemn and perseverance. Chang Dai people will mature and be a great success. Mojiezuo, Scorpio, Shuangyuzuo, Aquarius often wear favorable.

R orange zircon: a gorgeous, warm, healthy, happy, brilliant feature gives dignity, noble, mysterious. Dai often make life warm, distinguished career. Have eased the pressure of the role. Libra, Leo, Aries often wear favorable.

J red / red pomegranate zircon: the effectiveness of Skin Beauty, charm inspired people, the glamour. Aquarius, Aries, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, striker Block, Mojiezuo people should always wear.

K olive green zircon: is the cause of lucky stones, can bring unexpected cause shipped. Block striker, Cancer, Shuangyuzuo, Aquarius should always wear.

L champagne zircon: elegant temperament displayed at any time, embodies an elegant, noble. Chang Dai to Libra, Leo, Aries, Taurus.

M Blue (blue) zircon: to remove the brain fatigue, restore physical body. Can make your relationships more harmonious life. Aquarius, Gemini, Shuangyuzuo should always wear.

    N Zircon other colors: brown zircon symbolic implication, firm, people tend to psychological balance zircon grey people have also given to elegant, subtle, delicate, intriguing feeling; also gold, silver color (now Some of the gold, silver painted the color of zircon), is a precious metal color, give people a brilliant and elegant, gorgeous, rare and lively feeling.

     Possession of zircon jewelry, you will have a beautiful; you have a color zircon jewelry, you will be elegant and fascinating life!

(Note: Zircon said here refers to the man-made gems (cubic zirconia))
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