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What is opal?
2007-11-23 14:27:40
Gemmological the so-called "Cat's Eye" is specifically refer to a cat's eye effect of the turquoise, and other effects of any kind with a cat's eye gemstone minerals are not generally been referred to as "Cat's Eye", but must be preceded by the letters in their names minerals name, such as "emerald Cat's Eye" or "quartz Cat's Eye".
     Chrysoberyl the chemical composition of beryllium aluminate, a columnar crystals or plate, there are brown, green, yellow, and several varieties of glass was shiny, hardness 8.5, the proportion of 4.73; Beikezhuang fracture, and traces of white. When its internal alignment with the intensive and needle-like fibrous mineral inclusions or tubular holes, we will have the reflection of light as a cat's eye with bright pupil general, and this is cat's eye effect. When the rotation when this precious stones in the jewel-bright moving, it is also known as the "You Cai," Cat's Eye This is the most important feature. Cat's Eye often as a warning of the best Cat's Eye produced in the east of Sri Lanka.
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