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International model Soniel signed up with LOANA [2008-3-24]
Asia Fashion Fair winds up its curtain [2007-11-28]
Hong Kong star Yangyi shows the jewelry with charm [2007-11-28]
Jewelry has become the third focus of consumption [2007-11-28]
The laurel for champion of 2007 Chinese Miss values over 1 million yuan [2007-11-28]
Calendar made of 6 kilograms pure gold appears in Tokyo [2007-11-28]
Li Bingbing appears glittering with jewelry worths ten million yuan [2007-11-28]
People’s Bank of China issues 2008 China Gold-Silver Commemorative Coins [2007-11-28]
The precious necklace of French Queen is auctioned for six million yuan [2007-11-28]
King of emerald is worthy one million dollars. Luxury emerald show takes place in Japan [2007-11-28]
Michelle and famous model Zhou Wenqi posed with noble, charming silvery jewelries [2007-11-28]
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